Hands of Energy

Since I was a little girl my mother has told me I have healing hands.

I have seen and felt energy as long as I can remember. When I went to Institute NHC in Montreal, I learned how to direct energy, move it around and through people, how to clean out and restructure chakras, and more.

It was fun and interesting, and I think helpful to a lot of people. I have also taught others to work with their own chakras and energy.

I studied many techniques and ways of working with energy, including reiki (a couple of traditions), the works of Barbara Brennan and Rosalyn Bruyere, attunement, and various forms of meditation. I found all of them interesting and used some of their techniques. But I kept searching.

Then seven years ago I stood next to someone who had studied The Radiance Technique.®

I recognized the energy coming through her and through her hands as the same resonance that flows through me—the vibration I have known in the core of my being for as long as I’ve been working with energy.

I let her work on me (something I rarely do because I am very protective of my energy), and found that her technique brought me closer to myself and my own vibration. This is what had been missing from all those other techniques. I was hooked!

Since then I have studied The Radiance Technique® (TRT®) and used it with many of my clients. I have noticed that this particular form of energy harmonizes them to the whole. It reconnects them with who they really are—their strength, their wisdom, themselves. Yes, it is healing energy, but not in the way of cause and effect. Rather, it brings us to wholeness; and from that point, on all levels, we can heal—we can become who we really are.

TRT® connects us with pure light energy—not light energy in opposition to dark energy, but light energy that is the source of all things and that runs through every living thing.

There is a lot of theory and knowledge about TRT® and I would be happy to share it with you. More interesting to me, however, as an experiencer of energy, is that it is the only form of energy work I have found that works with the pure light energy within—that vibration that I carry and that I have seen in every living thing I have encountered. I see it, I feel it, and I know it.

And I am ready to help you know it too.

As an authorized instructor of The Radiance Technique®, I can connect you with this pure light energy so you can access it all the time forever. You too will be able to have the radiant source energy of the universe run through your body, out your hands, and into everything you touch. You will be giving this radiant energy to your food, your body, your pets, your family and loved ones, your plants, even the person you shake hands with.


Ask me about my next TRT® First Degree Seminar. When you leave the seminar, you will be attuned to this radiant light, your body will be harmonized with it, and your hands will be pulsating. From that day on, for the rest of your life, everything you touch will be connected with source through your hands. This will not drain you or tire you. You don’t even have to think about it. It will happen as naturally as breathing.

I will also teach you specific ways to use TRT® on yourself and others.

Many of you have experienced a hands-on TRT® session in my office. For those who haven’t and would like to, please call to set up an appointment. (But remember that a Radiance session does not make you able to run the energy yourself, just to bathe in it for a while.)

Since I first hung up my shingle as a Healing Intuitive, I have been looking for ways to help my clients access their own inner healer and inner wholeness just as I have been fortunate to do myself. TRT® is the easy, effective way to do this, and I am thrilled to be an authorized instructor of The Radiance Technique® so I can teach everyone how to be connected with pure light energy every moment of every day.

I look forward to sharing it with you!

The Radiance Technique® and TRT® are Registered Trade Marks “®” of The Radiance Technique® International Association, Inc. (T.R.T.I.A.) and are used to identify the authentic, intact and complete system of The Radiance Technique®. They can only be used by T.R.T.I.A., Radiance Seminars, Inc. and by Authorized Instructors of The Radiance Technique®.

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