About Missing Pets

I do not locate lost animals.

I cannot tell you if your animal is dead or locked in a shed. I wish I could, but my skills don’t seem to run that way.

However, I can send a message out to the animal kingdom to help guide your animal companion home. I do not charge for this service.

Either call or e-mail me with the following information:

  • animal’s name, size, color
  • type of animal (i.e. dog, cat, bunny)
  • your town, and the closest intersection
  • what the front of your house would look like to passing animals
  • where you want your pet to go (i.e. sit on front porch, go through unlocked side gate)
  • where roughly they were last seen.

I use this information to send a message (one-way communication) to your animal friend telling them that you love them and miss them and want them to go home.

I also broadcast a message to all the local animals (yes, this sounds like Dr. Doolittle, but animals do have an interconnected form of communication). I tell them about your animal companion’s predicament, and ask them to help your friend find their way home.

Some animal communicators are able to communicate directly with lost animals. They  charge for this service, and make no guarantees your pet will come home. Please e-mail me if you would like a referral.