Energy Techniques I Use

We live in an ocean of energy. It is the medium of spirit, emotion, memory and consciousness. Energy pulses through our bodies and cells, as important to our lives as blood, water or oxygen.

Everything I do, no matter what the focus of the session, is based on energy. I’m watching it and interacting with it. Even while just sitting and talking to you, I’m looking at the way our words affect your energy. This is something I’ve learned through experience, but it’s based on the models I’ve studied throughtout the years.


Aura and Chakras

Our chakras are the organs of our energy system. Each chakra has a role in how we process energy, just as each organ of our digestive system has a role in how we break down and use the food we eat.

As we learn to use our chakras more efficiently, we are better able to use the energy around us to create the lives and experiences we choose.

As a Healing Intuitive, I watch your chakras in their interplay with energy, and teach you how to work with them so they function better.

I see which of your chakras are dominant, which are wounded, which are less used, which most color your perception of the world. And I help you learn to use them in a more balanced way, to create a more enjoyable life.

If you wish, I can also watch how they function in relationship to your significant other or at times of high stress or importance in your life, and teach you ways to make better use of your energy field at those times.

The chakras are useful as both metaphors and tools. They are metaphors in that they contain the stories of our lives. They respond to our various experiences, relationships, different times in our lives, aspects of our being, and lessons. By reading them we get a sense of the greater picture of our experiences, the spiritual interpretation of the mundane. Our chakras are also tools that shape the way we see the world and influence the way we experience life. We can learn to consciously use them to create our journey.

In my work as a Healing Intuitive, I embrace a variety of healing modalities ranging from energy work to reflexology to nutritional consulting. Over the almost twenty years I’ve been in practice, my clients have presented me a wide variety of  body/mind/spirit problems. What impresses me most is how often the chakra system plays a role in the situation. It’s akin to working on our core being. If that structure is healthy and sound it becomes much easier to make life’s adjustments and corrections.

Working with the chakras is simple and powerful. You will change your life patterns, rethink your goals, re-examine your life. And your chakras will support and energize you in ways you never dreamed possible.

Metamorphic Technique

“An opportunity to tap your own power, to heal yourself, to truly create yourself.”

The Metamorphic Technique is a gentle, specialized energy treatment of the feet, hands and head.

It releases stress patterns built into the psyche while in the womb, compounded during early childhood, and solidified by life experience.

These patterns—which reveal themselves through physical, emotional, or mental dis-ease —are gently cleared as the Metamorphic Technique accesses your own creative Life Force and its in-built desire to expand and change.

The dissolving of the old patterns takes place naturally, with a continual feeling of rightness and stability underlying the changes.

The old is cleansed, making way for personal growth and the realization of full potential.

During the session, you lie on the massage table fully clothed except for your feet.

I lightly touch the reflexes on your feet, hands, and head which correspond to the time before birth when you established many of your patterns and characteristics.

As a practitioner of the Metamorphic Technique, I am not attempting to help, heal or cure anything. Instead I am acting as a catalyst to let your body release prebirth stress patterns that are preventing you from experiencing your full potential.

I am providing you with an inner environment free of direction, interference, and preconceived ideas, thus allowing you to transform yourself in whatever way is necessary.

The Metamorphic Technique is a tool for becoming who you are, for transformation from within.

I do not know what your life force will realize for you after a session. Your transformation is unique.

Sometimes people notice immediate physical or emotional changes or changes in their environment; sometimes this change takes place at a subtle level that is hardly noticed by the conscious mind.

In general people notice that transformation happens automatically, unconsciously, and in a natural way.

There is no set number of sessions necessary for transformation and growth. Only you can decide when and how often you would like a session.

I recommend five weekly sessions to start the transformation process moving. Many people are happy to use this technique every week or two over long periods of time as a tool for transformation and realization of their potential. Others call for a session when they feel the need.

The Metamorphic Technique can be practiced on anyone, no matter the age or condition of health.

I have found it useful for people whose careers have stalled, and those stuck in patterns of chronic illness.

The Technique is for people looking for personal transformation, and people with illnesses, migraines, or other challenges.

For children, I do a short session on the parent(s) and a session on the child, and then teach the parents to do the Metamorphic Technique on their children at home.

The founder of this technique had great success with children with Down syndrome. It has also been found useful for children with autism.


The Radiance Technique®

The Radiance Technique® is a simple way to connect with the spark of life within you. It connects you with the vibration of oneness that is in every living thing.

When you access this energy, you become more connected with who you really are, that unifying part of you that transcends ego and personality and the physical body. Using or experiencing TRT® on a regular basis can help you achieve wholeness, mental and physical balance, spiritual awakening, and a sense of peace that resonates throughout your whole being.

Connecting with this Inner Light has been the goal of sages, yogis and mystics throughout millennia. Now with TRT® you can experience what the wise ones did.

I have studied to the Fourth Degree of TRT® and have found it a useful tool in my own spiritual awakening and growing awareness of energy. My physical body benefits from it too.

Benefits of Receiving TRT®

TRT® is relaxing and deeply healing on an emotional and spiritual level. It helps release stress and physical pain, and encourages the body’s natural healing processes.

The session often puts the client into a meditative state that heightens their sense of spiritual connection.

My clients find themselves more peaceful and centered after a session. Over the course of a few treatments they notice a greater sense of self-knowledge and inner peace.

Receiving TRT® Sessions

I offer TRT&® sessions both in person and remotely.

In a hands-on session, the client lies fully clothed on the massage table. I place my hands on each chakrra in turn, attuning each to the spark inside it. A session lasts about fifty minutes.

In a remote session, the client lies down at the pre-arranged time. I work on the inner planes to attune the client’s chakras just as if they were in my office with me. Some people fall asleep, others feel energy moving through their bodies, others report deep meditative visions. At the end of the session they can either rest a little longer, or get up and continue their day.

Other ways to benefit from TRT®

I also offer Radiant Support to any event, people or places you choose. Because I am connecting them to pure light energy, there is no need to receive conscious permission from the recipient to do this work (although it makes a nice gift to anyone who is open to it).

Many people ask me to direct to friends and family who are going through a difficult time. These appointments are not scheduled. The recipient does not need to be aware the process is happening, and will not be outwardly affected by it. (This is particularly useful when you’re working with someone who doesn’t believe in energy.) Amplifying their Inner Light with The Radiance Technique® gives them a feeling of support, and leads them to be more connected with their own strength.

People have found these sessions useful while preparing for or writing exams, undergoing stressful interviews or meetings, and even while celebrating special events.

Animals and humans appreciate TRT® during surgery, and also while preparing for transition.

If your family is going through a tough time, I can direct Radiant Light to all members of the family, together and individually, over a period of time, to help everyone get more centered and in the light, whether consciously or unconsciously.

Please call or email me to see how I can help your specific situation.

Learn to Use TRT® Yourself

TRT® is a technique anyone can use on themselves, their families, their pets—any living thing. The technique is passed on through an attunement process, so you must attend a TRT® First Degree Seminar in order to use the technique. Once you have learned it, you will be able to do hands-on healing on yourself and others for the rest of your life. I highly recommend it.

I am an Authorized Instructor of The Radiance Technique® and teach classes in Pasadena. Please contact me if you are interested in attending one.

The Radiance Technique® and TRT® are Registered Trade Marks “®” of The Radiance Technique® International Association, Inc. (T.R.T.I.A.) and are used to identify the authentic, intact and complete system of The Radiance Technique®. They can only be used by T.R.T.I.A., Radiance Seminars, Inc. and by Authorized Instructors of The Radiance Technique®.