Individual Consultations

In-Person Sessions

A session always starts with a short chat. We discuss what you’re looking for and how I can help you. I may ask you a few questions as we explore your current state of being.

After that, each session is different. On rare occasions, we may spend the whole hour talking.

More likely, I’ll ask you to lie down fully clothed on my massage table.

I will set up a dialogue with your body, using Intuitive Kinesiology or another of my intuitive skills, to see what your body/mind/spirit wants to discuss, and what aspect of your health we’ll be working with.

I might do some direct hands-on healing, working with your chakras or a body part that needs some support. We will probably talk while I work (unless you prefer not) as we explore more deeply what your body is trying to tell you.

Any of the techniques I use might be incorporated in a session. Read more about them here.

At the end of the session, I’ll jot down some notes for you of things we’ve discussed or exercises for you to practice at home.

You will leave my office calmer, more focused, and with a renewed sense of your connection with your inner self.

Distant Sessions

For clients who are unable to get to my office, I offer the same sessions over the phone.

The main difference is that in a phone session you have to take your own notes. You are welcome to record the session if you like.

We start by chatting about what your current concerns are. I tune into your energy as we talk, and give suggestions on how to bring yourself into balance and how to move yourself forward.

Sometimes I’ll work in your energy field while we talk, and sometimes we’ll end the phone session early and I’ll spend the remaining time doing distant healing work on you.

I have clients across the country who I’ve never met in person. I have other clients who travel long distances to meet with me. Both experiences are valuable. Choose whichever feels right to you.