What Is Energy?

What do I Mean by Energy?

We are all made up of energy—pulsing bouncing atoms—more space than matter.

Things that vibrate slower are denser, like a brick wall.

Things that vibrate faster are less dense, like auras.

When I was a kid, I would play with the aura around my fingers, watching it stretch and connect. Later I learned I was very kinesthetic and able to feel energy patterns with my hands.

As we are learning in postquantum physics, everything is made up of energy—of moving particles. Some particles vibrate more slowly than others, and we perceive them as denser: a wall, your leg. Others vibrate faster and we perceive them—if we can—as less dense: light emanating from a light bulb, the sound of the radio. Others vibrate so quickly it is hard for us to perceive them with our regular senses: EMFs from cell phones, our chakras and auras, our own human energy field.

Some of us have naturally higher sensory perceptions and are more sensitive and aware of these higher frequencies.

The basic energetic model I use is that described by Barbara Ann Brennan in her book Hands of Light. (Click here for a list of Resources on energy and energy medicine.)

Your aura is your protective bubble and cushion. Sometimes it gets torn or distorted. I help repair it, and I teach you how to take care of it yourself.

Your chakras are energy vortexes that bring energy from your aura into your body. They each have different vibrations and reflect different aspects of you. They also can get torn or distorted, or they might have too much or too little energy. I can bring them into balance using my hands, sometimes rocks and crystals. I can also show you where your challenges are, and how to work with them.

If you feel your energy is stagnant, frayed or frazzled, come see me to get it moving calmly and steadily again.