What to Expect from an Animal Communication Session

We do the session in real time over the phone, and I act as the interpreter between you and your animal companion.

You call me at the appointed time on my direct line: 626-568-3443. It is not necessary that your animal friend be with you, as long as you are somewhere you will be undisturbed and able to take notes. You are welcome to tape the session or put me on speaker phone or conference call with other humans. The animal does not need to hear my voice directly.

I generally start by telling the animal why we’re having this conversation. Sometimes the animal jumps right in and says something. Most often they agree to listen first while the human talks. Acting as translator, I tell the human what the animal said. Then the human tells the animal what she wants while I do simultaneous translation for the animal. The conversation continues in this way.

When people are in the room with their animals during a session, they report different things. Some animals sit and stare at them intently. Others fall asleep. Some leave the room. Others continue playing as if nothing is going on.

My understanding of this is that I am communicating with the wise part of them, not their personality/physical/conscious part. Their personalities are definitely involved, because the human will frequently tell me that what I say sounds exactly like their pet said it. It fits completely with their personality. But it does not always seem to be conscious. I can understand that, because it must feel pretty weird for the animal to have me talking in their head. Better to shut down that direct line and have the info come through their own wise self.

At least, that’s my perception. So it doesn’t matter what the animal is doing, we’re still communicating.

I have had animals tell me when a session is up, even if the human wants to keep going.

It is a little like therapy. You can’t drag your pet to therapy any more than you can your significant other. And when they’ve had enough, they’re allowed to end the session.

During the conversation we’ll address what you want with the animal: resolve behavioral issues (or at least get greater understanding), deal with illness, end of life, prepare for travel—open the doors of communication.

After the session, you will probably feel a deeper sense of connection with your pet. You might find you are better able to communicate with each other—something in the session seems to heighten the ability of the participants to communicate directly.

You will have gained insight into your animal companion. Your pet will hopefully have a new understanding of you, and any other people and animals in the household.

You will have the information from your animal on how to resolve the issue we discussed…or at least reach a truce.

I hesitate to write that behavioral issues will be transformed, because sometimes they’re not. But often they are. And sometimes the animal will deny all the human’s requests and be stubborn. Go figure.

Relationships can be messy. You know that with humans. It can be the same with animals.

However, as with humans, working through the messy part can lead you to most rewarding places.

I have met or talked to all the animals pictured on this page. If your animal is one of my clients and would like to be on my website, let me know.