House/Land Clearings

The land you live on has absorbed the energies of all the people who have lived there, fought there, died there, grieved there. Nature takes all the powerful emotions humans spew and stores them for a later time when they can be safely and properly disposed of.

I work with nature to properly dispose of old emotions and energetic imprints in the landscape of your property.

I recommend a house/land clearing in the following instances:

  • death/divorce/breakup in home
  • bad feelings/ghost sightings
  • feeling stuck/cramped
  • animals acting strangely in certain areas

If you feel there is bad energy in your house or property, you can try a few techniques on your own before going through the expense of hiring me.

  1. Smudge with sage. Get a stick of white sage (Whole Foods or health food stores probably carry it—it will look like a very thick cigar of tightly folded silvery leaves). Light it and waft the smoke through each room, making sure it goes into all corners and enclosed spaces. (Carry an aluminum pie plate under the stick to catch ashes that fall.)
  2. Play an Om c.d. I like Ultimate Om by Jonathan Goldman. The sound is of a very high vibration, and raises the vibration of anywhere it is played. Put it on continuous play for a few hours to clean your space.
  3. Flower Essences of Crabapple and Yarrow. Crabapple is a Bach Flower Essence, Yarrow is made by FES—both should be available at your local health food store. Crabapple clears negative energy. Yarrow helps release negative energy. Put thirty drops of each in a cup of water and spray it around your home and land.

When your home is cleared, you should feel an energy of peace, harmony and new beginnings.

I do in-person house/land clearings in the Pasadena area. I charge $500 for the clearing.

I also do clearings from a distance. For these I charge $350.

Please contact me for more information on your situation.