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Spring Clean Your Cells (3/2/2017) - What’s the first thing you do when you step outside on a beautiful spring morning? Why take a deep breath and smile, of course. The soft fragrant air encourages you to blow out the winter blahs and recharge in the spring sunshine. The lungs are a major detoxification organ. Taking a deep breath benefits your Continue Reading >
Ways to Help Psoriasis (3/3/2016) - With psoriasis the body produces skin cells five times faster than normal. It is characterized by silvery scaly skin or red patches. As with any health condition, think about what was happening in your life when it started. What was your body trying to tell you? Thank it for its message. Act on it if Continue Reading >
A Simple Guide to Walking (7/24/2013) - On these beautiful summer evenings, a gentle stroll is a wonderful way to end the day. When we were travelling in early June, we walked for miles through Paris and London, ending our days with strolls down Boulevard Saint Michel or through the streets of Bloomsbury as the last thing we did before bed. And Continue Reading >
Spring Tonic (3/21/2013) - Dandelions are is a great spring tonic. They are known for getting the lymph and bowels moving, stimulating the liver, releasing excess fluid, and lowering cholesterol. They are traditionally eaten in the spring to clean out the sludge of winter. Unfortunately, dandelions are very bitter—too bitter for me to enjoy as a steamed vegetable. So Continue Reading >
Worry (1/20/2013) - If there’s one piece of advice I could give everyone, it is don’t worry. Worry causes so much pain and distress to the physical and energetic bodies. I had a client today who was not sleeping well, and it was due to the worry she was holding in her abdomen. But there’s so much to Continue Reading >
Cancer: the Big Picture (10/29/2010) - I was asked at the grocery store today if I wanted to donate to breast cancer. Not breast cancer research. Breast cancer. Who the heck would want to donate to that? I’ve spent this breast cancer-awareness month (October 2010) frustrated and bemused at the way our society approaches cancer. (NFL players have been wearing pink Continue Reading >
Strong Bones (7/2/2010) - This article has taken me months to write because the topic makes me angry. And anger is not useful except as a way to blow off steam, shift the energy, and notice that change is needed. So I’ve done my best to shift the energy. It’s up to all of us to make the changes Continue Reading >
Beans and Greens (9/6/2009) - Last night for dinner I had a delicious mediterranean-inspired meal that filled my tummy and lifted my spirits. It was a simple dish of roast eggplant and tomato with cannelini beans. I stirred a little saffron into the pan juices, which I mopped up with garlic oregano biscuits. While I munched, I thought of where Continue Reading >
The Power of Daydreaming (8/4/2009) - I think daydreaming is highly under-rated. Letting the mind wander while the eye watches the clouds passing or the trees waving in the breeze is a calming way to let go, to release the cares and worries of daily life, and return to center. Have you noticed that sometimes when your mind wanders it goes Continue Reading >
Easing Knee Pain (2/23/2009) - Many people complain of pain in their knees. It’s often diagnosed as arthritis, but what is of more interest to me is what caused the pain to develop. There are many possible reasons for knee problems, whether they manifest as arthritis, tendon problems or something else. The joints in the legs are connected with moving Continue Reading >
Homer the Racing Pigeon (7/24/2013) - We had an unexpected visitor during the hot spell in May—a homing pigeon who got lost in a race. Larry was in front of the house when he saw a pigeon land on his car and stare at him fixedly. Then the bird tried to walk into our garage but the door was closed. Larry Continue Reading >
How to Walk Your Dog (3/21/2013) - A man walks his three small dogs by our house every morning. They are not leashed—they trot along a few feet in front of him, sniffing the grass and trees. But they are fully aware of him as the pack leader. They check on him every few feet, looking back to see if he’s still Continue Reading >
How Animals See Themselves (9/13/2012) - How do you know what you look like? Without mirrors or photographs, you might have a completely different impression of your appearance. I enjoy hearing how animals describe themselves. A small cat described herself as a panther. A full-grown German shepherd thought himself a lap dog. One day I talked to a cat called Charley Continue Reading >
What Do You Want? (9/1/2012) - You know you don’t want your dog to jump up and bark at the mailman. So you tell them no. Then you hire me to tell them no. But do you have something for them to do instead? I find that humans are really clear on what they don’t want their pets to do—jump on Continue Reading >
Helping Feral Cats (8/10/2012) - Not all feral cats want to live in a loving home. This is what a grumpy cat told me the other day. He had been taken into a home after being injured in the street. He was taken to a vet to be fixed up, and then welcomed into a loving home with another cat Continue Reading >
Introducing a New Baby Into the Family (8/9/2012) - I talked the other day to a family who would be welcoming a newborn human into their home within the next couple of days. The cat was uninterested. One of the dogs thought it was interesting, and asked why the humans were bringing in a little baby. But he didn’t really see it affecting his Continue Reading >
Many Names for Water (8/4/2012) - I talked to a turtle called Lucky today. He is a very happy turtle. He told me he was eating lettuce, which he really likes. His only complaint was that the water in his tank was not quite the right consistency. Consistency? Lucky said that was not quite the right word. But I found that Continue Reading >
Discussing Death (7/28/2012) - I talked to a cat today who I had never met before. I knew she was sick, but not how bad it was. She was really angry when I tuned into her. She said “I don’t feel good, and I’m really upset, and I want to know what’s going on.” Her human started the list Continue Reading >
Naming Your Furry Friend (7/10/2012) - Usually animals are happy with whatever names their humans use for them. They don’t have social references to the name—it’s a series of sounds their human makes when talking to them. Occasionally, however, I’ll have an animal express an opinion. A little dog had been rescued and was being fostered. The rescuer asked me to Continue Reading >
Consistent Communication (6/10/2012) - I talked to a rescue dog today who was really confused about human interaction. It seems the previous owners (who she’d been rescued from) were inconsistent in their praise or punishment. To hear her tell it, she never knew if they were going to pet her or pin her to the ground à la Cesar Continue Reading >
Bond With Trees (3/21/2013) - Isn’t it great to see the vitality of trees in spring—pushing out new leaves, bursting with blossoms—you can practically feel the sap moving through their branches. Do you have a favorite tree? Maybe one you look at or walk by daily? One you feel connected to? If not, keep your eyes open for one which Continue Reading >
Move Out Into the World (3/21/2013) - Spring is a time for adventure—all that new sprouting energy encourages us to move out into the world. A few springs ago, my husband and I took an adventure to Guatemala. We spent a couple of days in the Peten—the Mayan region in the northern section of the country. While there in the heart of Continue Reading >
The Art of Being in August (8/19/2010) - As we move into the last days of summer, it’s time to practice the skill of sitting and being. For one thing, it’s too hot to do much else. Plus I think in our crazy hectic world, we need to remember how to just sit and watch the world go by. I encourage you over Continue Reading >
Earth-friendly Cleaners (4/23/2010) - Earth Day 1990 was a big turning point in the environmental movement. It got a lot of media coverage, people started thinking about what they could do to save the planet, and producers of earth-friendly products started to go mainstream. It was a bittersweet moment for me, because I had just shut down an environmental Continue Reading >
The Power of Scent (12/1/2007) - I drove to work today along the Arroyo, window down, smelling the sage brush in the damp morning air. The sense of smell is so evocative, and natural aromas can be so fleeting. As I turned away from the Arroyo into Old Pasadena, I left the aroma of the west behind and rolled up my Continue Reading >
Taking the Time to Be (3/16/2007) - The Art of Be-ing has always eluded me. I would hear people talk about how important it is to just sit and be, and I would try it, but I always needed to be doing something or planning something or reading something. I found any method I could to avoid just being in the moment. Continue Reading >
Jet Lag (7/24/2013) - It’s an eleven-hour flight to Europe from L.A. I can find no way to do it more quickly, and I’m undecided whether it’s better to break the flight up or go direct. Either way it’s a lot of time in confined seats and canned air. Over many years of crossing time zones, I’ve learned a Continue Reading >
Recharge Your Energy (3/21/2013) - Just like your house gets stuffy after having the windows closed all winter, your aura and chakras can get sluggish if enough energy doesn’t flow through them. Here is a simple visualization exercise I do to clean my aura and chakras. Don’t worry if you are not able to “see” the pictures, it is your Continue Reading >
11:11:11 Meditation (11/11/2011) - While I originally wrote this article for Nov. 11, 2011, you can use the techniques I describe at any 11:11 moment. All 11s are gateways, so you can harness this energy any time you see 11:11 on a digital clock, or on Nov. 11 of any year. I’m looking forward to November, 11, 2011—or as Continue Reading >
Hands of Energy (4/25/2010) - Since I was a little girl my mother has told me I have healing hands. I have seen and felt energy as long as I can remember. When I went to Institute NHC in Montreal, I learned how to direct energy, move it around and through people, how to clean out and restructure chakras, and Continue Reading >
Forms of Energy (2/24/2010) - There are multiple ways to move energy through the chakras and the aura. Many of them look the same on the physical level in terms of the placement of the hands on the body. However, on a vibrational level, each is doing a different thing. There are three main types of energy work that I Continue Reading >
Science of Deliberate Creation (1/14/2009) - “The only reason that something that you want is not coming to you is that you are holding yourself in vibrational harmony with something other than what you want.” —Abraham 2001 The Science of Deliberate Creation teaches us to focus on the power of our thoughts to create our realities. “Abraham, a group of obviously Continue Reading >
Radiant Peace Project (7/28/2007) - Twenty people gathered today in my mother’s garden in Beaconsfield, Quebec, to walk her labyrinth and join in a guided meditation for world peace that I led. It was a beautiful, sunny afternoon, and after the meditation, everyone stayed for tea and cookies and enjoyed the radiant energy we had generated. They contributed $100 to Continue Reading >
Metamorphic Technique Can Transform Your Life (4/1/2007) - Anne had worried all her life. She always had a nagging worry at the back of her mind, mostly about money. After five sessions of Metamorphic Technique, she realized she wasn’t worrying anymore. “It’s like a part of me has gone away, the part of me that worried,” she said in amazement. In addition to Continue Reading >