Radiant Peace Project

Twenty people gathered today in my mother’s garden in Beaconsfield, Quebec, to walk her labyrinth and join in a guided meditation for world peace that I led.

It was a beautiful, sunny afternoon, and after the meditation, everyone stayed for tea and cookies and enjoyed the radiant energy we had generated. They contributed $100 to the Radiant Peace Foundation in support of Radiant Peace Projects around the world.

The participants shared what Radiant Peace meant to them:

Radiant Peace is…
people sitting in harmony
being in touch with the Source
taking the time it takes to connect to the ones we love
feeling harmony with all living things
very relaxing
radiant peace is my joy
the power that will heal the world
a satisfying approach to living my life in this world
sitting in a beautiful garden
being in tune with joy, balanced
my job, now that I feel it is possible, is to accept and radiate peace, prosperity and love

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