What Is Nature?

For the purpose of this section, I define nature as the physical environment around us.

Of course, our physical bodies are nature too, as are our animal companions, as are the beams and particles of light and energy surrounding and permeating our physical world. I could just call everything nature.

But in the interest of clarity, I’m limiting the definition of nature to the world around us.

On a large scale, nature encompasses the dwindling polar ice caps and the disappearing rain forests.

On the scale I can help you with, I narrow it down the to the nature that directly impacts you.

This can include your garden, your home, your office, the roads you take on your commute and the trees outside your window.

I have a specific relationship with nature that allows me to harmonize the relationship between human and nature, creating energetic environments that are supportive to the health and life of both.

While in my own home and garden I do physical hands-on labor, in yours I work only with energy.

I work with nature so the energetic imprint in your home (or office) are in harmony with you and all that live there.

Nature loves balance and harmony. It also loves interacting with humans in an expansive way.

Join me in working with the nature around you to create harmony.