Techniques I Use When Working With Nature

My introduction to working with nature came through the writings of Machaelle Small Wright. I was fortunate to attend some workshops she gave in the early 1990s in her garden, Perelandra, in northern Virginia.

Machaelle has a down-to-earth approach to working with nature. She’s very practical, and at the same time she talks with nature spirits and does things that look/sound like magic to those of us unversed in her ways.

For instance, she told about a time when she visited the Findhorn Community in Scotland—famous for its pioneering work with nature spirits and devas. A tree on the property was looking sick so everyone was asked to stand in a circle around the tree to send it loving energy. Machaelle suggested that it would be more useful to give the tree water—it was suffering from drought.

That practicality makes sense to me. It’s possible that if you tell me your house feels dark and gloomy to you, when I get there I’ll suggest you open the blinds and let some light in.

Sometimes we need someone else to point out the blindingly obvious.

Working with nature, Machaelle developed some specific techniques to clear and balance energy. I use them as needed. These include soil balancing, atmospheric balancing, battle energy release, geopathic zones cleansing and energy cleansing.

I also use some basic dowsing techniques I learned at conventions of the American Society of Dowsers. I use a pendulum to discern energy flow, and will divert negative energy streams on your property using various strategies appropriate to your property and situation.

I use my intuitive abilities to discern the energy imbalances in your home/property and see how they need fixing.

I use my flower essences as necessary to enhance the vibration of the property.

I might also draw upon my studies as an energy healer to help discarnate entities to the light,  help nature spirits become harmonized, ease the distress of nonphysical beings on your property, and generally create a harmonious and healing environment for all the beings who live there.