Bond With Trees

Isn’t it great to see the vitality of trees in spring—pushing out new leaves, bursting with blossoms—you can practically feel the sap moving through their branches.

Do you have a favorite tree? Maybe one you look at or walk by daily? One you feel connected to? If not, keep your eyes open for one which speaks to you.

Trees love interconnection with other species.

They depend upon mycelia (fungus in the soil) to help them take food in from the ground and convert it so they can use it.

They also enjoy relationship with birds, squirrels, other trees, and on an energetic level, with people.

Why not experience that tree connection yourself?

Choose the tree you are drawn to. Stand where you can see it. Gaze at it with love, and imagine a heart connection opening between your heart center and the tree.

(The heart center/chakra is the place of connection between physical and nonphysical.)

As you gaze at the tree, exhale your stress out toward it, and inhale its vitality into you.

The tree will be fine with this exchange. Your stress is only stressful to you; the tree will welcome it as new energy. (Remember, trees benefit from our waste product of carbon dioxide.) And the tree has more than enough vitality to share with you.

(Of course, you’ve chosen a vibrant tree to do this with, right? Not a dying, unhappy one.)

Spend a few minutes exchanging breaths with the tree. Be open to any words or images or feelings that arise in your communication. And enjoy the peaceful sensation of gently breathing with this magnificent being.

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