Recharge Your Energy

Just like your house gets stuffy after having the windows closed all winter, your aura and chakras can get sluggish if enough energy doesn’t flow through them.

Here is a simple visualization exercise I do to clean my aura and chakras. Don’t worry if you are not able to “see” the pictures, it is your intention that actually moves the energy. The visualizing just makes the exercise more interesting.

Start with golden light moving through your body and energy field. This light pours down from above like gentle rain, washing your aura (three feet around you in all directions including above and below), your physical body, your chakras and energy meridians.

As it moves through you, it dislodges and washes away any negative energy, any energy that is ready to be released, and any energy that is not yours. (You probably pick up energy from the people you’ve seen and the places you’ve been throughout the day—you don’t need to keep holding onto it.)

The golden light keeps flowing through you, carrying all that is not serving you down into the earth where it is turned into compost.

Stand in that rushing golden light for a few minutes until you feel cleansed and energized. Allow yourself to enjoy the feeling of energy moving through your aura, and of each of your cells being bathed in golden light.

Then let the golden light fill your whole body and aura so you look like a beautiful orb of golden light.

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