Jet Lag

It’s an eleven-hour flight to Europe from L.A. I can find no way to do it more quickly, and I’m undecided whether it’s better to break the flight up or go direct. Either way it’s a lot of time in confined seats and canned air.

Over many years of crossing time zones, I’ve learned a few tricks to help me better acclimate at trip’s end.

First the basics: Drink lots of water. Sleep on the plane. Do what’s expected at the other end. If it’s night, sleep. If it’s time for lunch, eat. Walk and get fresh air as soon as possible.

The other key is to manage your aura. For some reason, the human energy field flies more slowly than a plane. One of the reasons for jet lag is our bodies are waiting for our auras to fully join us.

Donna Eden, in her book Energy Medicine, describes exercises to do while on an airplane to help your energy move with you into the new time zone. The theory is that our body’s meridians are in  alignment with the earth’s meridians (as measured by time zones), and when we move to a new time zone, we need to encourage our meridians to catch up. Donna does this by tapping points on the meridians at different times along the way. When I was flying to Montreal regularly to teach, I swore by these exercises. I highly recommend them if you fly a lot, or if you tend to have a hard time adjusting to new time zones. (You can buy her book on her website

Another way to get your energy to move with you is to call it to you.

We actually leave our energy everywhere we go and with different people we meet. I suggest making a point of calling it back daily. Say “I call my energy back from all the places I have left it and the people I have lent it to today. It returns to me clean and gently.” Then imagine your energy returning to you (you don’t have to know where it’s coming from) and filling you up.

I do a modified version of this when travelling. Whenever I think about it on the plane, I call my energy back to me, pulling it in nice and close. Then when I arrive at my destination, I root through my First Chakra to the earth, literally grounding me in the new time zone.

While I still feel tired from the ordeal of airports and travel, I am able to keep going and have more fun because my energy is with me wherever I am.


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