11:11:11 Meditation

While I originally wrote this article for Nov. 11, 2011, you can use the techniques I describe at any 11:11 moment. All 11s are gateways, so you can harness this energy any time you see 11:11 on a digital clock, or on Nov. 11 of any year.

I’m looking forward to November, 11, 2011—or as I like to call it—11:11:11.

It’s an exciting day—a day to set goals, to receive insight, to rejoice in the connection between our reality and the greater reality.

11s have long been symbols of the gateway to higher consciousness. They resemble the columns sitting behind the High Priestess in the Tarot, marking the path to the higher consciousness which we glimpse behind her veil.

On the 11th, it will be easier to see through her veil, and for energies to flow each way.

I’m not referring to “the other side” as in where all the dead people live. That was Halloween and Day of the Dead fun.

Instead, I’m referring to the greater cosmic energy from which we all come and to which we all return. The energy that feeds our souls and lightens our spirits. There are so many words for it: higher consciousness, all-that-is, greater reality, cosmos, universe. (It’s the energy we resonate with when we practice The Radiance Technique®.)

On Friday, as the energies move more easily between our three-dimensional world and the all-that-is, it is a great time to enjoy the connection between physical and spirit, between human and divine, between now and the infinite now.

On a practical level, you can use this open doorway to send good energies and visualizations into your future, like planting seeds for what you want to grow in your life. It’s a good day to do a vision board, say affirmations, imagine world peace, send out thoughts and prayers for a healthy planet—whatever you like.

I recommend spending a little time before the 11th thinking of how you would like your future to look. Then on Friday meditate on it. At the very bottom of this article is a visualization meditation I wrote—adapt it so it feels right to you.

During or after your meditation, you could spend some time listening quietly for answers in specific areas of your life, or for a general message.

The energies move both ways through the 11 doorway. You can also take time on Friday to receive a blessing from the divine. You can merge with the higher consciousness to increase your own spiritual growth and alignment. Sit quietly and say something like: “Today I move into a higher plane of consciousness and awareness and love.” Alter the words to suit you. This is a great time for spiritual transformation.

I’ll be spending the day in my garden, enjoying the heightened connection between visible and nonvisible, between nature and nonphysical. I have a feeling we’ll be making a flower essence to capture some of the energy. Whatever happens, I’ll be enjoying the ride.

The El Sereno Essences which might be useful to you during the lead-up to 11:11:11 are Summer Solstice to help you with visioning and Marguerite to help you be present to your inner guidance. If you don’t have them, you can order them at El Sereno Essences.com.

I hope you have fun in the triple-amplifed 11 energy!

11:11:11 Meditation

Sit quietly and notice your breathing. After a few breaths, imagine/visualize yourself walking on a path through a meadow. The sun is shining, birds are singing, there’s a gentle breeze. You feel happy, joyful, ready to burst into spontaneous song or dance as you feel a growing sensation of love moving through you as you walk along this path.

Ahead of you in the meadow, you see two tall pillars. Follow the path to them and stop for a moment before them. Take a couple of centering breaths. Then step through into the meadow on the other side.

From your pocket, pull out the seeds of your future that you want to plant in this meadow, this timeless space. As you sprinkle or plant each seed, think about what it will look like when it comes to flower. If it’s a new career, think of how much you will love your new job and your co-workers and you will feel fulfilled and well-paid (or whatever your desires are). If it’s for enhanced spiritual growth, imagine how you and your life will feel/look when this seed blooms. Do this for all the seeds in your pocket.

Then take a moment to look around in great satisfaction at the work you’ve done and the seeds you’ve planted. Throw your arms wide and say “Thank you” to the all-that-is.

With this feeling of gratitude and love, you easily drift back through the pillars to the meadow, and wander easily and gently along the path to where you started. Slowly become aware of your breathing and of your body.


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