Forms of Energy

There are multiple ways to move energy through the chakras and the aura. Many of them look the same on the physical level in terms of the placement of the hands on the body. However, on a vibrational level, each is doing a different thing.

There are three main types of energy work that I have found: the practitioner uses her energy to shift the energy of the client; the practitioner brings source energy through herself into the client; the practitioner amplifies the light already in the client.

I’ve studied versions of all these, and still use each of them at various times in my practice.

In the first type, the practitioner pushes and pulls energy, usually with her hands (an acupuncturist uses needles to do this), through the chakras, energy field, and body of the client. Examples of this are polarity therapy (where the practitioner balances the electromagnetic poles of the body to bring harmony), Therapeutic Touch, or the forms of chelation therapy taught by Rosalyn L. Bruyere and Barbara Brennan where the client’s energy flow is cleansed and the chakras are reconstructed or manipulated as necessary. Sometimes the practitioner will use their breath or other techniques to raise their own vibration to the level of the aura they’re working on. A good practitioner has a clean energy field herself, and is connected to source energy while working, but her energy tends to be mixed with the source energy as it flows through her hands. In this type of energy work, the practitioner tends to use a lot of mental energy and intention.

In the second type, the practitioner focuses on bringing source energy through herself into the client. Although the practitioner might place her hands on the chakras, she is not manipulating them. The client’s energy field receives what it needs and lets go of everything else. This is the process used in the various forms of reiki, as well as laying on of hands, and some meditative healing traditions. At this level the practitioner might engage in more prayer and intention of spiritual connection.

The third type of energy work, amplifying the light in the client, is used in The Radiance Technique®. The practitioner amplifies the light already in the aura, chakras and cells of the client’s body. We all contain the divine spark within us. With TRT® we learn to amplify it. There is no manipulation of the chakras or energy field, although the practitioner can put her hands on the client’s chakras to enhance the sense of resonance. Unlike the previous two forms of energy work, there is no exchange of energy between the practitioner and the client. The client might feel heat or tingling, but that is their own energy moving into alignment with the light source within themselves. It is not energy coming from the practitioner. The hands of the practitioner are working like a tuning fork, resonating at the level of the light within the client, causing that light to resonate more strongly.

All of these forms of energy work have their uses, and all can be beneficial when applied by an experienced practitioner.

The Radiance Technique®, however, does not require a skilled practitioner. Anyone who has studied to The First Degree of The Radiance Technique® can amplify the light in themselves and others. Because there is no intention or manipulation, no harm can be done. It is always safe and appropriate to work with pure light energy using The Radiance Technique®, which is why I recommend that everyone study it and use it on themselves and others.

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