Metamorphic Technique Can Transform Your Life

Anne had worried all her life. She always had a nagging worry at the back of her mind, mostly about money. After five sessions of Metamorphic Technique, she realized she wasn’t worrying anymore. “It’s like a part of me has gone away, the part of me that worried,” she said in amazement. In addition to that, she found her business was prospering, with new clients coming in from unexpected places. It was an amazing turnaround in her life. (The names in these stories have been changed.)

Penny was feeling overwhelmed and unable to cope. She had lived in her apartment for 39 years and had just been told by her landlord that she had to move because they wanted the apartment for a family member. She couldn’t face looking for an apartment, and then sorting through and moving 39 years of accumulated belongings. Weekly metamorphic sessions helped her cope with the move. Her life started moving more easily as she was able to find an apartment in an area she wanted, at a price she could afford, and many new friends pitched in to help her with the move. She learned to ask for help, and she’s starting to settle into her new apartment. Things are looking brighter.

Lisa was addicted to caffeine. If she saw a Coca-Cola, she had to drink it. Not just one, many. She described herself as an alcoholic for caffeine. Yet caffeine was really bad for her body, as was the sugar in the soft drinks. She’d done a lot of work to wean herself off caffeine, but she still felt the addiction. After four metamorphic sessions, she realized she was no longer craving caffeine. In fact, she could drink half a Coca-Cola and leave the rest, something she had never before been able to do.

Ralph’s life was falling apart on him. His business was struggling. His marriage was falling apart, and his body was falling apart under the stress of it all. After four metamorphic sessions he felt his life getting back together. His business improved. his marriage started healing. And his body was healthy and strong again. “You’re a miracle worker” he told me.

These are four of the many people who have received sessions in Metamorphic Technique from me, and all of them can attest to its life-transforming effects.

Metamorphic was developed in the 1970s in England by a naturopath/psychic/reflexologist who found that there are reflexes on the feet, hands and head that relate to the time from preconception and conception right through to birth. The metamorphic practitioner addresses these reflexes and allows them to release any traumas they’ve been holding on to. And the client’s life changes.

While in the womb, you feel and hear everything your mother feels and hears. If she feels worried about money, you might form a stress pattern around prosperity issues. If she is unsure whether she wants the baby, you may form abandonment issues. And on and on.

This is not to blame the mother. She is after all only human. And she is making an extreme sacrifice in sharing her body so that you can be born. She is entitled to any feelings she needs.

The great news is that you can release these stress patterns through Metamorphic Technique. You don’t need to relive the trauma. You don’t have to consciously know what your issues are or what you want to release. You just let it go, and appreciate the results.

A metamorphic session lasts about an hour. While my clients are on the table they feel a variety of experiences. Most of the time they drift off into an altered state. Other times they feel discomfort throughout the session, not pain, but an antsy feeling. This is probably when a major pattern is being released, and they’re letting it go, like a snake shedding its skin. Sometimes they sleep. Sometimes they cry for no reason at all. Sometimes they leave my office in a state of bliss. Often they feel slightly different in a way they can’t verbalize.

This is a really right-brain process. One the brain can’t understand, but that really works. Most of my clients say to me things like “I don’t know what you’re doing but it’s really doing something.”

Sophie, who spent only one hour with her birth mother before being given up for adoption, felt uncomfortable for a few days after each metamorphic session. After the first one she felt really tired. After the second, she felt irritable. Her mother knew throughout the pregnancy that she was not going to keep Sophie. In the womb, Sophie picked up on that. Through metamorphic she was able to release those feelings of abandonment, insecurity, and more. She was able to be the person she came in to be.

That is really the goal of metamorphic: to connect the client with the spark they originally came in as. To reconnect them with their life purpose, their soul. To clear away all the baggage of their human existence, and let them feel who they really are.

It takes about five sessions for clients to really notice a difference in their lives. Some people do a few sessions and feel they’ve released enough, and have noticed such a difference in their lives they feel great. Others choose to continue with weekly or biweekly or monthly sessions as they continue to see their lives unfold or change.

There is no one experience with the Metamorphic Technique. It’s a process of accessing the client’s own inner healer, who of course knows the best way for the client to heal.

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