If there’s one piece of advice I could give everyone, it is don’t worry.

Worry causes so much pain and distress to the physical and energetic bodies. I had a client today who was not sleeping well, and it was due to the worry she was holding in her abdomen.

But there’s so much to worry about, you say.

Okay, then schedule your worrying for thirty minutes a day or a week. And the rest of the time train your brain in other directions.

Worrying is different to brainstorming. Taking a problem out and looking at it and seeing what can be done is a useful and satisfying project. Until you realize there is nothing you can do about it. Then you need the wisdom to let it go. Your worrying will not help it get better.

Worry is often held in the third chakra, in the area of the adrenals (stress glands) and pancreas (blood sugar regulator).

It’s also where we hold our addiction to drama. Notice what you do when you worry. You create imaginary scenarios in your head. If this, then that. This terrible person might do that. This awful thing might happen.

It’s great to be creative, but worrying is not the best way to use your creative energy.

If you find yourself hooked on the drama of your worry, channel the energy into your creative center instead and paint or write or draw or work with clay. Dance, sing, play. Do something creative with all that drama. Don’t waste it on worry.

If your mind runs amok with worry, give it something else to think about. Some people are able to soothe themselves with affirmations: All is well. I trust that all will turn out for the highest good of all concerned.

However some minds find those too boring and repetitive. They need something they can get their teeth into, like worry. For a mind like this, you need to find something else to distract it. Multiplication tables, learning a new language so you can conjugate verbs in your head, planning how to redecorate your living room, even the complex plot of your favorite movie or book can give your mind something to pull at and work on without giving you worry and stress.

Remember, you control your mind. You choose whether to worry.

Your body would appreciate it if you chose something else.

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